Wednesday, 30 November 2011

love this song !

Kang Gary yg dalam running man cute.. ;)

best..guwa suka lagu2 hip hop and rap !
terus maju!
p/s : got new friend!! ;)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

It's not easy.. -.-


kawaii animated GIF background hearts

Onigiri Rice balls   

As a Muslim girl..( ^_^ )..I must patient to face it alright..
but I know it's not easy to handle and really hard for me.. 
I don't want to say anything because can hurt someone..
I hope Allah can help me to face it all.. 
Always by my side to make me strong..
It really hurt..
No one can understand me..
No one..
That why you do like that to me..
you so cruel..
Make me cry..
But I don't want waste my tears 
for you..
So I must smile (^_^)
even I'm sad :'(
Must smile to show how strong me..
I'm not weak..not...
Maybe you can think I so weak..I don't mind..and who care?
But I'm not weak like you thinking about me!
Go to Hell...
Never judge my life...
Because I hate that so much!!!! >.<

p/s : just for fun.. ^_^